Digital presence is a crucial aspect of modern life. Whether you're a company, a collective, a freelancer, or a small business owner, you need to stand out in this crowded digital world.

From beautiful websites to social media presence, from promotional videos to search engine optimalisation, Modern Times Media provides the services you need, with a personal touch. Interested? Send us an email!

Our Process

Let's Talk!

Everything starts with a conversation (and, ideally, coffee!). The first step in our process is to sit down and discuss your situation, your needs, and how we can help.

Research & Strategy

After the initial conversation(s), it's time for some research!

With the input that you provided, we put on our nerd glasses, designer hats, psychologist lab coats, marketing specialist suits, and anything else we need to develop the best strategy.

The result? An initial proposal that may contain things like sketches, wireframes, market and competition analysis, but most importantly an overall plan for the rest of the project.

Design & Content

When you're happy with the initial proposal, it's time for creatives to do their thing, and turn all that research into something solid. This is the point where all the research, ideas, and mockups are translated into pixel-perfect design and content, ready for your feedback.


Once the designers have done their designing, and the writers their writing, it's time for the developers to do their developing. Using the latest technologies, best practices and coding standards, this is when we turn the designs and copy into interactive, dynamic websites. Responsive, mobile-first, fluid, and secure are not just buzzwords to us.

SEO & Marketing

With the design and development done, we're not quite ready yet. After all, what use is a website or a brochure when nobody can find it?

Search Engine Optimalization (SEO) and a solid marketing strategy are an important final step, and we'd love to help you with that.

Packages & Special Offers

Film & Animation

Sometimes text and images are not enough. Perhaps you want to showcase your product, or give people an impression of your business.

For those situations, film or animation might be the perfect solution. Whether as part of a website, or by itself, film and animation happen to be things we can help you with.

Small Business Package

Sometimes all you need is a basic website, and all you have is a basic budget.

For those situations, we offer special small business packages targeted at specific audiences. Through flexible templates and an efficient process, we can get you a beautiful website in no time, and at a sharp price.

Some Of Our Work

Our Clients

Our Team

Hilko Blok

Founder / Lead Developer

Operating from Berlin and Amsterdam, Hilko has extensive experience developing web-based solutions for companies big and small all over the world. With a background in Media/Social Psychology and Communications, he's a jack of all trades.

Bas Blok

Co-Founder / Marketing Strategy / Social Media

A social butterfly with a surprisingly nerdy side, Bas loves to turn analytics and statistics into 'real people' advice.

Samuel De Zeeuw

Co-founder / Copywriting & Marketing

With a background in Journalism, Samuel is specialized in internet marketing, SEO and copy-writing. He turns your wishes into words.

Tom Danial

Front-end Development

A background in sociology might not have prepared him for coding, or maybe it might. Either way, this man can build a website and explain class struggles, possibly all at once!

Paul de Zeeuw

Social Media Marketing

A leading sales funnel strategist and social media manager, with a background in psychology. Paul is fluent in both Dutch and English and has years of experience in sales and online marketing. From setting up SEO-friendly websites, to social media advertising, to email marketing - he's got it covered.